Properties of LKS


Lääketieteenkandidaattiseura (LKS) owns a club house called “Euphoria” which is located in Helsinki on Sörnäisten rantatie 33C. Euphoria is a beautiful and versatile penthouse which can easily be converted from a dancefloor for 250 people to a conference room for 50 participants.

Read more on Euphoria in Finnish by clicking the link below.


Mocoma = Mocsu

A club room located at the basement floor of Terkko library (Haartmaninkatu 4). This property is governed by LKS ry and it is open 24/7!

To get access to Mocoma you need your own personal key called “Flexim”. It is granted to every student of our faculty – you can get yours from Haartman Institute after filling an application. Tutors will help you with this.

– Coffee area
o Free coffee and tea! You can also use our cups, plates and cutlery – as well as the fridge and microwave.
o Remember to clean up after yourself. Use the dishwasher when needed!
o Vending machine provides little snacks for a reasonable price.

o The room with doors open is mainly used for Stop-and-Go usage. The SmartCard printer is located here.
o The room with doors closed is intended for silent working.

– Teamwork rooms
o All 3 rooms are free to use for teamwork!

 Reading room
o Big room intended for silent working.

– Lost and found items
o Located near toilets. Here you can find all the stuff you have lost at our events. They are stored here for couple of weeks – after that they are thrown to recycling bin, so retrieve your lost items as soon as possible!