Clubs and activities

Things to do

During the semester LKS organizes parties and other activities. The most common leisure activity is ‘sitsit’, which is an academic dinner party with a three course meal and enough servings to flush it down. ‘Sitsit’ usually focus on singing rather than eating, so don’t be surprised if the first bite of your warm meal is as cold as the beverage. After dessert there is an after party with music and dancing, which usually is open to all LKS members, even if they did not attend the actual sitsit. Information about parties and other activities are usually provided by e-mail.

LKS also arranges many sport and cultural events, one of them being the “Hunaja-cup”, a football tournament between different classes in September. Each year one of the five medical students organizations in Finland hosts an olympic tournament, called Medix, which medical students from all faculties in Finland attend. In addition to these two yearly events, LKS organizes occasional visits to theaters, stand up -shows, ballets and so forth. More information about the sporting and cultural events can also be found in the weekly info e-mails, and you can always ask tutors or fellow students for more information.

The backbone for leisure activities is provided by our vast amount of clubs, which offer events from wine and beer tasting to sports activities such as skiing down the Alps. More information about each specific club can be obtained from below.


‘Speksi’ is an interactive musical made entirely by the students of our faculty (medicine, dentistry, psychology and logopedics). ‘Speksi’ is an especially strong and vivid tradition among Scandinavian students. Everyone is welcome to participate in ‘Speksi’; whether you’re interested in acting, dancing, singing, planning and building sets you can contribute either a little or a lot, whatever works for you best. 

If you’d rather just enjoy the show as a spectator, the play will be presented to the public in late winter/early spring. Speksi is without a doubt our biggest annual project and also it has, at least occasionally, been the biggest non-professional theatre project in Finland. What is special about Speksi compared to other theatre plays is that anyone watching the spectacle can yell “Omstart” (swedish for redo/restart) after he or she has seen or heard something particularly interesting or funny happening on the stage. Then the actors, dancers, or musicians will re-perform the previous act with a twist.

The tickets for the show cost around 15€ so the price compared to a standard theatre play is quite competent. Come and enjoy!

Signing up for teams for the making of Speksi is in autumn.

      • Contractura – Arranges indoor and outdoor climbing events and trips. There are also courses and events for beginners!
      • Curvatura – Organizes down-hill skiing trips! Each year Curvatura organizes
        a weeklong trip to the Alps called ‘Curvatura Major’
        a weekend trip to Koli known as ‘Curvatura Minor’
        a day trip with AHS somewhere close to Helsinki
        a weeklong sailing trip called Curvatura Sail
        a weekllong surfing trip called Curvatura Surf Camp
      • Digestive – Cooking club
      • Epincondylitis – Epicondylitis is a tennis club
      • FC Femur – Girls’ football club that rehearses actively once a week and plays also in a serie. You don’t have to be super pro to attend!
      • FC Hallux – Football club that also rehearses actively once a week and plays in a serie. Mostly boys!
      • Gastrocnemius Ferreus – A club for cross-country running! Organizes running events and running just for fun.
      • Inflexus – HLBTIQ club
      • Lanugo – Active floorball club, that rehearses once a week and also plays in a serie.
      • LäRViT – Beer pong club
      • Putamen – A club that organizes golf and disc golf events.
      • Ristiside – A religious club, that arranges weekly meetings.
      • Sensus – Wine club, that organizes cheap wine tastings with different themes.
      • Speksi r.y. – A huge organisation that creates very popular music comedy spectacle every year.
      • Uvula Aurea – A choir for girls and boys, rehearses weekly and performs 5-6 times a year.
      • Valkotakit r.y. – A popular orchestra, that rehearses and performs regularly.